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Practices held every Tuesday and Thursday evenings at the "bat cave" in Columbus, MS from 6:30-8:30pm. Skates and gear will be available for new recruits who need them but you must bring your own mouth guard. All media and new recruits are welcome to join open practices. Please contact for additional information. 

Roller derby is a game where offense and defense are played simultaneously. The pivot is considered the leader of the blockers and shouts out instructions to teammates as needed during the jam. The pivot adjusts the pace of the pack based on the situation. For example, the pivot may decide to speed up the pack if the jammer for the opposing team is lead jammer. Since all blockers must remain in a pack to avoid a penalty, the blockers assisting the lead jammer will attempt to slow down the pack by trapping an opposing blocker in the back of the pack.


Individual who want to participate in bouts can also become a skating Official or Non-Skating Official (NSO). Don't worry if you have no experience. We will teach you everything you need to know!!!

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